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Which Machine Can Produce Cotton Pad?


The cotton pad machine is controlled by computer and the infrared hot air drying technology is adopted. During the operation, the cotton swab is drying. Then, the vacuum suction machine controlled by the microcomputer servo motor is used to feed cotton cotton, cotton cotton, crushed cotton, cotton, drying, packaging and other production processes as raw materials. Save time and labor (only two workers can operate) to improve productivity. This production line can also automatically count cotton swabs when packaging. Avoid inaccuracy and unfitness during manual packaging. According to different packaging modes, the packaging equipment will be different.
The three-pass cosmetic cotton pad machine adopts PLC control;
And the automatic frequency conversion speed control function
Photoelectric control automatic counting function and convenience;
It has other features:
Automatic volume collection, automatic garbage collection and photoelectric monitoring;
This machine produces 3 cushions each time, its operation and adjustment process is simple;
Convenient and requires only 2 workers;

cotton pad machine