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How Start Toothpick Production Company?


Toothpick production is an interesting business that attracts huge demand. Despite its small size, the manufacturing company made a lot of money.
Toothpicks are used in household use, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, hotels and tourism. You can make wooden or plastic toothpicks.
The business model includes semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for production. You can access locally made machinery or imported machinery.
The ingredients for toothpicks are easy to buy and are readily available in most countries. Disposable toothpicks are packaged in a simple plastic cup for easy use and storage.
You can pack or outsource your own production. To start your toothpick manufacturing company, you need to consider some things.
How to create a toothpick manufacturing company
To start making your production line, you need to determine whether you want to produce wood or plastic toothpicks. You must also sell your products to local communities or exports.
You need high quality products, permits, company registration and finance. Other things are raw materials, the types of machines, the learning process.
Toothpicks are made from bamboo, hardwood and plastic. Hardwood and bamboo are used for toothpicks.
Plastic materials (plastic particles) used for plastic toothpicks. You can grow your own bamboo or buy things from bamboo farms.
You can easily get hardwood from the wood market in your area. Melt thermoplastic materials in the injection speed and press.
After cooling in circulation, remove and label before packaging.

toothpick production line