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Wood Bamboo Toothpick Machine For Sale


1.Bamboo toothpick machine and wooden toothpick machine available logs, wood and timber for different specifications of the wood, should first will adopt woodworking band saw or disk saw timber processing growth 140, 105, 70, or 35 cm, 6 cm wide, about 35 mm thick dry square billet, and then put into 1-5 machine processed into a sharp, a hand-cut wooden toothpicks, specifications for the diameter of 2.2 mm, usually under 65 mm long, also can be made according to user requirements.
2. Working efficiency of wooden toothpick machine
Usually can produce ¢per cubic meter of wood 2.2 X65MM specifications of the wooden toothpick, 100000, according to soak wood and hardwood material different about 150-150 kg.
3. Wooden toothpick machine process flow
Prior to log into standard dry square billet - shard - into silk - (poor color appropriate to bleaching, drying) length cut - polishing - pick to defect to sign - cutting cutting flower - pick to defect to sign - packaging - factory.
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