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Wood Shaver Machine For Sale


Wood shaver is a kind of automatic wood planer. It consists of frame, in the platform of the rack, on the platform with rest, wood by the inlet into the machine, inside the machine after slicing blade, with wood shavings, the particle size, uniform thickness, there is a difference and wood factory hand out the shavings.
The machine can be logs, branches (branches), edge processing into shavings, produced shavings and furniture factory to produce the shavings, automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed, it also saves time and manpower.
This machine is a automatic grinding processing equipment of wood into wood shavings, after raw material from the inlet to the first blade, cutting into the crushing chamber, the high speed rotating hammer impact and shear knife under the employment of pieces, and then the wind generated by the built-in blades by the screen sent out of the mouth or the outer fan pumping out of the mouth. The size of the shavings is determined by adjusting the length of the blade and the size of the mesh aperture to suit the various needs.

wood shaver